May tarot reading sale


1018658-bigthumbnailThroughout May in celebration of the sun starting to shine and just because I want to… I am offering tarot readings for ¬£5 ($9).

I am starting out on my shamanic path (which I am currently writing a blog) and want to share the positive energy that I am feeling at the moment.

If you want to take up this offer please just contact me and I will provide you with more information ūüôā

I look forward to reading for you!






Being spiritual and working full time


I have had this question asked to me a couple of times in the last week so I thought it was worthy of a blog!

I¬†have been a practicing psychic medium for a good few years now and I have a good job and career, working full time in an open office environment. When I was first developing I will freely admit I struggled – I couldn’t cope with the energies that I was picking up – and as empath they were even more exacerbated. The amount of spirits that were talking to me when I was trying to work were just queuing up – no one ever prepared me for this. To be honest if they had told me – do I think that I would have followed this path? I’m not sure – don’t get me wrong I have certainly not regretted it but I want to help others understand that it really isn’t an issue, you just have to prepare yourself. Just like with everything when you start opening yourself up to your higher self and the Universe.

1182751-200This last full moon as really affected me – more than any other moon. It reminded me about how I felt right at the beginning – the heightened noise – it could just be someone speaking a bit louder than normal but to me it was like they were shouting – often you just want to shout at them to be quiet but you obviously can’t. Just the little things start to irritate you which wouldn’t normally. That’s when I suddenly realised the other day that there was a large energy shift happening and the energies of the full moon were intensifying it. This is going to go over the next year with another four of these lunar eclipse moons so it is definitely going to be an interesting ride. Anyway, that’s another blog…..

So, how have I learnt to deal with being spiritual a work? Well you have to remember that you are in control, not the spirits. They have to learn to come through when you want them to – of course you are going to get the odd one or two that don’t listen! I have learn to ignore them or just tell them to leave you until either your lunch break (if you are happy for them to come through then) or when you have finished work. Of course, if you are like me you keep this part of your life separate to work and no one knows my ‘abilities’ – I feel that they will think that you are ‘reading’ them. That’s difficult to turn off as well because the psychic in you will always read body language whether you are spiritual or not. Companies often train their staff in the art of body language – especially in sales environments. So, like it or not you will read people but it is to what level. I really try not to at work unless their energy screams at me and then I know there is a reason for it.

I really love my job at the moment but the last job I had I hated. I was being attacked by a number of psychic vampires and I wasn’t strong enough to deal with them because I was in the middle of what I could only describe as a war. It was horrendous and the only way to get out of it was to find a new job – very unlike me I only stayed there for nine very long months. For once, I listened to my instincts and did something for me. I am lucky to have a number of psychic medium friends who identified that I was subject to such an attack as I actually couldn’t see it – I just wondered why I was crying all the time and had no energy. I am Aries and generally a strong character but this really knocked me. If only I had listened to my instincts when I went for my interview there but I needed a job. It did teach me a lesson in that I don’t let my guard down until I feel it is right to do so and I actually listen to my guides! I don’t like to see the bad in people and that was a lesson that I had to learn.

Don’t laugh but the toilet is a good place of solitude! If my energies are heightened then I will often take 5 minutes out in the toilet just to take some deep breaths, get myself together and start again. Because I can catch it early on now it doesn’t take long to realign myself. It does take practice and you really have to learn to understand yourself. This isn’t something you can learn overnight and it is part of spiritual development and even now I’m not sure that I truly and utterly understand myself but over the last six months I have definitely started to realise.

Whilst I am not totally sure where my career is going at the moment, I definitely know where my path lies. This lies in spiritual development teaching and helping those to find their way. I am also a healer and whilst I don’t practice it fully – the last few weeks have pointed me back down the healing route. I have my Reiki I but know that I need to take the next steps and I know I will be shown the next steps. I have always been interested in Shamanism but the draw is even stronger lately, especially with Shamanic drumming and journeying. I told you it was a strong full moon!

When first setting out on your spiritual path


Starting on your spiritual path can be both daunting and exciting. It is also a real mine field about how to start and what to do. Being an administrator on a couple of mediumship practice groups and also running spiritual development courses it is great to see the enthusiasm of people. This blog has been inspired by the enthusiasm I have seen lately, questions I have been asked and some advice for budding mediums! Of course these are the very basics, but it is good to back to basics sometimes!

Reading pictures


  • Whilst it is great to get enthusiastic and read lots of pictures… SLOW DOWN! Even experienced mediums don’t like to read two pictures at a time. When you are beginning you don’t understand the energies and if you are reading two pictures you will get the information muddled and yourself muddled… then you will get frustrated and this is where we see a high proportion of budding mediums give up! I don’t want you to give up, we need you to develop and grow. The same with trying to read a photo with 2 people in it – if you are drawn to the photo then just try to work with one of the people than both of them.. once you start developing then you can practice with more energies in a photograph
  • Keep hydrated. You must keep your water intake up whilst reading photo’s. I definitely realise when I haven’t because when I stop reading I need to drink a litre!
  • Don’t just write one liners – it means that you are rushing it and not connecting with the person. My advice is write everything down that comes to you and then write it all up so that it all makes sense – you will have a better connection and whilst you are writing it up you will get more information!
  • I see people writing information with a ? at the end all the time. Never question what you get, the information we are given is not ours to interpret. Don’t question yourself, just believe and it will give you a stronger link as well.
  • Don’t rush your readings – they are not competitions! I see so many comments like.. I’m doing this at work at the moment so popping in and out… or a couple of lines and then saying that’s all I get. It is all you are getting because you are rushing. It can normally take a good 30 minutes to an hour for me to spend reading the picture and writing everything down to then typing it up
  • Don’t worry about what other people write. We all get our messages differently and no two mediums will receive the same information. Like I say, it is not a competition and we should never compare ourselves to others
  • You don’t have to read every photograph presented to you! As a medium, you will soon learn that you are not able to connect with everyone (a bit like in ‘real’ life!). Spirits will come through to those that they have similarities to. So for instance, if you a loud person, a spirit who was very quite in their life won’t want to talk to you necessarily as they won’t think their message will be portrayed in the way they want it to be
  • Many people that are requesting readings want to hear certain information – a particular spirit, a particular message. For this reason they may say that they can’t take the reading but it is only because you haven’t told them what they wanted to hear. The sitter blocks the energy flow by doing this so you can’t pass that message on. So don’t be disappointed if they say they can’t take the message and you are absolutely certain the message is correct!


ImageThis is a separate blog by itself so will keep it brief.

So many people struggle with meditation, especially when first developing and they ask how they should do it. The real answer is that you meditate how you want to meditate but of course this leads on to my next point.. everyone wants to meet their spirit guide. Many people think that you need to meditate for an hour, and you require guided meditation. My answer is that is rubbish! I developed by meditating three times a week, in silence, and for only about 15 minutes at a time… that’s not to say that is right for you but just to show that the media has a lot to answer for.

Find the method that is right for you but you need to do it if you want to develop and not put it off!

Meeting your Spirit Guide

ImageThis is the first question people ask when they are developing or who is my guide. I won’t tell people as you need to work that out. Once you get to know me you will realise that I make you work to find the answer, I won’t tell you! What I will tell you though that the best way to meet your guide is through meditation and also the best way to build up a relationship as well. Again, this is another blog on it’s own!

My first words of advice is to slow down, don’t rush but still push yourself. I don’t want you to loose your enthusiasm I want you to develop!!!

Using a journal for your spiritual development


ImageHow many of you write a journal for your spiritual development? Is it just another ‘chore’?

At the beginning I thought that writing a journal was a pain – why would something like that really help me? Is it just another type of diary? What if someone found it? People already find me strange! Sound like you?

Well, I admit it – like I seem to do quite a lot… I was wrong. For me a spiritual journal was the way to develop and although it has gone by the wayside I am being prodded and poked to start it up again – I feel a spiritual universal shift coming on again!

It’s up to you to find the best way for you to work your journal be it a book of shadows, an online blog or something more private but I would urge you, especially if you are at the beginning of your journey that you consider some type of journal.

Personally I split my journal in to sections:

  • Daily journal including meditation experiences, dreams etc
  • Symbolism – both physical and mental
  • Readings – with the associated feedback

I found that it worked well – I still look back on my original one and see how far I have come in my journey. ¬†It will hopefully build up a dictionary of symbols that you will come upon time and time again – colours, smells, feelings etc – we all have different interpretations and it is about what you think or are told (from your guide or spirit) what they mean. For instance take the colour green – one person may think of it as healing where another may think of it as money…

If you have your journal by you in bed and you have a dream Рwrite it down as soon as you wake up so that you will remember it. You may look back in the week and realize that there is a pattern.  If you are like me and have a memory like a sieve then this will really help you!

I know many people struggle with meditation and can’t often remember what your guide has said to you or what happened. ¬†They are, in my opinion, often similar to dreams. You forget what has happened – so, as soon as I finish meditation I would write down the experience so that I can take it all in. Write down your feelings, what you saw, what was said etc etc and it should help you to build a bigger picture – plus again, see the pattern or the message emerge.

The other thing that I often do (and yes I am being nagged to do it again) and is very good if you are starting out on your tarot/oracle card journey, is that I pick a card for the day. I will write down what I think that card means for me for that day. At the end of the day I will come back to the entry and see how that fitted in with my day – it is no coincidence! There is nothing coincidental with the spirit world being in charge!

Like I say, you could chose to do it all or just one idea. This is just my opinion but I have found it a useful tool over the years. I look back on those very first readings and realize just how far I have come, especially when I am having a bit of down on my readings. I add the feedback as well so that I can see where I need to concentrate my development on. This has been a really valuable lesson and development technique.

I would be interested to hear about how you use your journal or if you use a different tool.

You and spiritual development


As many of you know, I am currently mentoring a group of lovely people on their spiritual development, as well as an Admin for a couple of psychic/mediumship sites where the emphasis is on training.

My girls are all doing really well and I am really proud of them. They have all had a lightbulb moment lately and I wanted to share with you what I shared with them. It may just resonate with you. I have spoken to many people wanting to develop and are frustrated about it all.

My Nana passed a number of years ago, and she was the one that pushed me with my development from the spirit world (although my Mother has been a real support to me in this life!). Anyway, my Nana is also helping me teach and a few weeks ago told me that I should write a post for them that spiritual development only works by the amount of effort that you put in, it is not just going to come to you!

Again, she is nagging me, to share this with everyone as there are a few people that really need to hear this apparently!!! I am going to expand on what I have previously written so that it makes a bit more sense to the wider audience…

When I first started developing I was naive, I thought it would just come and got frustrated that I was not as good as everyone else! I did a lot of research as I was blind on which route I should take, thought that meditation was boring and really didn’t put much effort in as I just thought that it would all come together in time… well… I was wrong!

Spiritual development only works by the amount of work YOU put in to it. It is a long hard slog and we are always developing but it is a lot of hard work and effort. I was once told that if you are not wanting to spend the time meditating and working to develop then you should ask yourself if it is something you really want. Well they were certainly right – and as an Aries, that is not something I say very often at all!! So a thought for you all – if you don’t want to put the work in, then how much do you want it?¬†

in-meditation-frog-WP-blogI used to hate meditating – couldn’t do it and just thought it wasn’t needed…. again I was wrong (can you see a theme here!). It is the only way that you build your relationship with your guides in the early days of spiritual development. Your guides are your best friends and they are there to do exactly that – guide you. They will be completely honest with you and tell you what you need to do, where you are going wrong and.. if you are not working hard enough lol! Guides do not just pop up (well they do eventually) they will only come to you when the time is right and when they feel you are ready. ¬†Meditation helps you to forget everything that you have going on and when you are in that state of mind it is easier for you to converse with them and eventually the spirit world. One thing that I need to mention here is that meditation does not have to be an hour every day – it is not about the quantity but the quality. It only needs to be three times a week and for 15 minutes if need be but it’s amazing what they will tell you/show you in that time!

Don’t forget that meditation has a lot of other benefits at the same time – it relaxes you and makes you refocus. I am also being told that even if you don’t talk to your guides in a meditation there may be symbolism given to you instead which you may not understand at the time, but you will….

I thought that if I learnt everything about everything that would help – guess what! I was wrong!! It’s all well and good knowing everything but… it takes the focus away of the route you want to take – who knows you may take a twist and turn and go down other routes but by taking too much on at the beginning is too much to take it! Use the KISS method – Keep It Simple Stupid!!!! If you are not drawn to crystals or tarot then it is not the path for you… at the moment! Don’t think you are bad medium if you are not drawn to them – like I have said in previous posts, there is no right and wrong in the spirit world.

I think what my Nana really wants me to say is that spiritual development takes over your life. It is not something that just happens it is about the amount of work you are willing to do, it doesn’t happen over night – I think we all wished it would but it’s about practice, practice, practice, a lot of patience, sharing those experiences with people – good and bad – we’ve all been there. Ask a friend if you can read for them, or try a picture in a mediumship group (I can recommend two training groups on Facebook).

It’s about pushing yourself to your limits and showing the spirit world that you are serious about it.

Happy New Year



Happy New Year to all for 2014.  May it be all you wish for, full of fun and laughter.

I am looking forward to connecting with you all, reading your blogs and making new friends.

Watch out for special offers on Tarot readings throughout the year. Please feel free to email me for more details or if you have a question on spiritual development.

What’s your favourite tarot card?

What’s your favourite tarot card?

When I first started out with Tarot I always related to The Hermit. I think it was always because he is a loner – certainly not because 150px-RWS_Tarot_09_HermitI think I am wise! I always think I am looking for something; not quite sure what it is but I am always researching something or other, always on a bit of a mission! I love to learn and develop but I am best doing it by myself. ¬†As much as like to be around people, I am better at my own pace and if I need help then I will ask. The stubborn Aries I am… well you know I won’t ask!!!! Well I do but not without a lot of persuading!

Interestingly it is the Emperor that is astrologically aligned to Aries but don’t you think both the Emperor and The Hermit have a lot in common? For a start I think they are both strong men and the energy that is drawn from them demonstrates that. I also seem them both masters…. of their own destiny’s! They make their own decisions, the only difference being that the Emperor has advisors where as The Hermit seeks the answers from a variety of sources. It obviously depends on which Tarot deck you are reading but they are both wise men with long beards and each holding some kind of stave. The more I delve into the similarities the more I see. Of course they ultimately have their own meanings which is dependent on a number of factors such as question and position but there are definitely similarities. Perhaps that’s for a different blog as I seem to have gone off track again!

So, back to the wise old Hermit who likes a quiet pace of life (unlike the Emperor!). For those who know the brilliant novel ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ I see The Hermit as Boo Radley – a recluse¬†who never sets foot outside his house due to his cruel father. He leaves little presents for Scout and Jem and emerging at an opportune moment to save the children. I am sure there are other characters he is similar to but this one always sticks out.

Anyway, like I say at the beginning of my journey the Hermit was my favourite card and I could always relate to him. Whilst I still love the Hermit card as time goes on, I’ve learnt a lot more, I know where I want to go my favourite Tarot card now….. The Fool! I know – I couldn’t do more opposite if I tried but.. again, there are similarities. ¬†The Fool is about new beginnings and whilst there is220px-RWS_Tarot_00_Fool the naivety of the Fool which is the exact opposite to the Hermit, they are still looking for something and both on a learning curve. I just love the fun energy that the Fool has. ¬†I have been on such a journey lately that I so relate to the Fool – even as an Aries who likes control I have realised that you can not control everything and there are people around you to help you if you are falling. The Hermit doesn’t have that support, they are always walking on a bit of tight path (if you go by the Gilded Tarot) whereas the Fool has a lot more freedom. ¬†Sometimes you have to take the plunge to be happy! ¬†It is not in my character to do things like that but that leap of faith often turns everything around. I love the warm feeling of the Fool, even though he is alone (apart from his little dog) he is happy. ¬†The Hermit is a lot more serious and a real sense of loneliness with him. I think I was there at one point but I am definitely with the Fool at the moment…. plus it’s good to have a bit of fun and adventure in your life every so often!!!! Who knows what twists and turns the universe has in store, I may change my mind in a week!

The meaning of Turquoise

The meaning of Turquoise

Turquoise has always been my favourite crystal and links perfectly with Medusa’s Tavern! I do a lot of crystal work and thought I would delve into the world of turquoise! It is very popular as a jewellery stone, definitely with the Native Americans, so why is it so popular?

What is Turquoise?

I know we always think that diamonds were the stones of kings and queens but in actual fact it is turquoise which has been the talisman of kings, shamans, and warriors.  It has a variety of shades of blue and blue-green with a vein often going through it and is a mixture of copper and aluminium.  It is the copper which gives the blue colour.

Turquoise was among the first gems to be mined, and while many historic sites have been depleted, some are still worked to this day mainly Iraq, Sinai and the USA. Turquoise beads dating back to 5000 B.C. have been found in Iraq, and the Egyptians were mining the stones in the Sinai in 3200 B.C.   The oldest known source of turquoise is the Maghara Wadi mines in the Sinai Peninsula. These mines were worked for the pharaohs for 2000 years.

The basic meaning of turquoise is communication.  Essentially the colour blue always connects me with communication.  When I am doing a reading and I see blue it is often symbolic for me.  Obviously it depends on the context of the reading, but it often leads me to emotional issues or someone holding something back.

It is the birthstone of December.

So what are the various meanings?

bullet pointNative Americans: To the Aztecs, turquoise had healing properties  and was sacrificed to their gods, as a way of requesting good health. It was also believed that turquoise could bring strength, prosperity, and success in battle. Apache Indians believed in the turquoise stone meaning would help archers with their aims! Many Native American tribes in the area believed that turquoise would help the wearer control his negative emotions. To the Navajo tribe, the color turquoise represents happiness, luck, and health. The Shamans would throw it into a river or hold it under running water to make initiate rain.

bullet pointUses in Feng Shui: It is used for its water feng shui element meaning that it is for attracting wealth and money, as well as a cure to improve health and well-being. For wealth , place turquoise in your money area (Southeast bagua area). If you have any gold that you can place with it, this is a great combination to aid wealth. To improve health & well-being, place turquoise in the East bagua area. You will also need to add yellow and green colours to this to.

bullet pointChakra:¬†Turquoise due to it’s colour is connected to the 5th chakra or the throat chakra. If you are having issues with communication, arguments then putting a piece on this area in meditation will help with this. ¬†Additionally wearing a turquoise necklace or even the colour will also work.

bullet pointHealing properties: This is known as the master healer stone. It has the ability to repair physical injury, mental strife and even past life trauma. Turquoise is believed to help neutralize over acidity, aid muscular strength, alleviate gout, stomach problems, viral infections, rheumatism.  As turquoise is linked to the throat area in regards to the chakra it is also used for thyroid issues.

Guiding spirits!

Guiding spirits!

I love it when spirits guide you. They will persist with you in the most unusual ways and  I wanted to share this story with you that has only just happened as I feel it is quite special! Well actually thinking back it all started back in May but the penny has only just dropped.. so I hope you are sitting comfortably!  The power of spirits guiding is amazing.

IMG-20131119-00305Back in May this year, I went to visit my parents. As is usual, Mum and I went shopping and we came across a second hand stall selling jewellery.  I am always drawn to turquoise and this bracelet caught my eye so, we brought it.  Not only was it turquoise but it reminded me of scarabs that are found in Egypt. I never thought anything else of it.

You will see the circles that are surrounding this story and just demonstrates how life isn’t coincidence – it brings the past, present and future lives together. As you know, I have recently found Turkey to be a magical place so it is no coincidence that turquoise just happens to be my favourite crystal. So what’s the connection? Well…. the name Turquoise is derived from the French, pierre turquoise, meaning ‘Turkish stone’, because the trade routes that brought Turquoise to Europe from the mines in central Asia went through Turkey, and Venetian merchants often purchased the stone in Turkish bazaars!


Anyway, back at home around July time, we found this wonderful Mill which has been¬†converted into an antiques place which is just wonderful. ¬†Lots of different rooms selling a whole host of wonderful old (and new) products. I could have spent a fortune. ¬†I love going round these places as I love to feel the energy that comes from the items that are there, especially jewellery. Anyway, the first time we went into the antiques mill and there¬†staring straight at me was this turquoise necklace which could have been made for my bracelet… coincidence? ¬†You would have thought it! Me being me though, I don’t believe in coincidence, everything happens for a reason.

Didn’t think anything of it and thought that it was the end of it and although they were not really made for each other were supposed to be joined together.

So, there I was on Saturday sat in the garage waiting for my car to be serviced reading ‘Canyon Road’ by Thea Thomas. Which is basically a love story reminding us that if you are meant to be together, no¬†matter how far you run away the Universe makes sure that you come together. I read the whole book in 4 hours! In the book one of the characters belonged to the Zuni tribe. ¬†A Native American tribe that I had not heard of before. I am fascinated about Native American tribes so that got my curiosity heightened. So I decided to look them up and can you imagine my surprise when I came across a picture of their jewellery!!! Now you can’t tell me that was coincidence!!!!

What makes it interesting is if you link the necklace to the story, the flowers that designed on their look like forget-me-nots – the flowers that signify love!

Even went I went to find my jewellery to take pictures for this blog I was shown exactly where they were. ¬†Whilst I love it when spirits do it, they don’t do it just for the sake of doing it – well sometimes they like to have a laugh! There is always a reason why they want to guide us to things. ¬†In my blog¬†Turkey as a spiritual destination¬†I touched on being pulled to different stages of history – and I am more than sure that this is linked to past lives. Cementing this point – did you know that turquoise is linked ¬†to working with past lives and past lives healing! Why do you get pulled so strongly to something you have to read everything you can on it?

Whilst I don’t know the reason yet, I know I have to do some more research on the Zuni Tribe and of course meditation to try to make it all make some sense. At this moment in time, I am being guided to the fact that Native Americans mined turquoise to guard burial sites. I’m sure this is not the last you have heard of this!

So who were the Zuni Tribe?

Well interestingly they are a Mexican tribe who speak their own unique language. According to¬†¬†“there are roughly 12,000 Zuni living on the New Mexico reservation. The tribe still inhabits the ancient homelands along the middle stretch of the Zuni River. The area is home to several ancient settlements and villages where the tribe once built compact, multi-story houses and remains an important part of¬†Zuni culture.

They still continue to practice their traditional shamanistic religion with its regular ceremonies, dances, and mythology.

I know I am being shown more about this tribe so I will share the journey as it unfolds.  I just find it fascinating how spirits will get you there even though it may be a bit unconventional!